Sonder Miniseries: Readings From a Post Lockdown World

We are very excited to introduce the Sonder Miniseries: Readings From a Post-Lockdown World! Starting this Thursday at 7pm on YouTube and IGTV ✨

Featuring readings from our Sonder contributors, let’s take a moment to touch base with each other. In this time of social unease and uncertainty, we want to connect people in whatever way we can.

So tune in this Thursday at 7pm for a cuppa cha and a quick reading. Bitta literature, be grand. ✨


Submissions Closed for Issue III

If you haven’t gotten a confirmation email from us yet, sit tight! We have over 300 submissions to anonymise so you will receive a confirmation email over the next week or two.

We will get back to you within the next 2 months whatever the decision. Thank you so much for thinking of us and choosing to share your stories with us. We love ye lots 💚



Submissions Now Open

Well, holy moly. What do we have here?

Submissions for Sonder Issue III are now open! The theme of this issue is Challenges. In the current time of worldwide fear, we all have to work together by staying apart. It’s a challenge we are all facing. We hope that this time at home is giving you the time and space to get creative, and that you are all staying safe.

This magazine is all about bringing different perspectives together. Everyone is wildly and magically different. Sonder is about reflecting those differences and, ultimately, what brings us together.

We are accepting short stories, poetry, flash fiction and creative nonfiction.

Visit the Submissions tab for guidelines

Deadline is 12th June at 5pm.

We love you already for reading this. Thank you for welcoming us into your world, you good thing.


Submissions Now Closed

Badabing, badaboom, submissions are CLOSED! We thank everyone from the bottom of our full-sized aortic pumps.

We have a hefty month ahead of us what with the huge response we got but we are so excited to share this experience. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on our social media channels and our website for more information!

You are all beautiful for being a part of this and for inviting us into your worlds. Thank ye so much 💛



Welcome to Sonder!

Thanks for joining us.

Hello there. Meet Orla and Sinéad, the co-editors of this new literary magazine. We decided to create something to reflect HUMANS.

If you’re thinking, “huh what’s sonder eh ye arseholes making up words,” it’s that existential feeling you get when you’re walking down the street or sitting in the pub and are overcome by the realization that everyone you pass is just out there doing their own thing, thinking their own thoughts and living their own lives. It’s kinda freaky.

We want this zine to reflect everyday people and how extraordinary each individual is. Sonder doesn’t have to be a solitary feeling, which is why we want to put it all together in this little haven for individuality. We want people to open up this publication and find themselves reflected in other people’s work.

So, if you like the sound of it, our first publication is going to be all about Sonder. What makes people different and, in that, what brings people together.

We want to publish fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry based around the individual and how we interact with each other. We want you, the writer, to get into the mind of someone sitting across from you on the Dart home, or the fella who just asked to bum a lighter outside the George, or even the Aisling wearing runners to work. Challenge yourself and become someone new through your own personal creativity.

Submission guidelines are in the Submissions tab. Have a gander. Slide into our DM’s. See you on the flipside xo S & O